Dr. Gregory Hunt

Personnel File 66-J

Full Name: Gregory Lee Hunt
Class B Personnel
Level 3 Clearance
Current Designation: Senior Bio-Researcher
Affiliation: SCP Foundation
Age: 39
Employment time: 8 years
Qualifications: PhD in Virology, Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Minor in Philosophy
Current Location: Area-__

April 9th, 200-
Dr. Hunt employed with ------- University as Research Director at time of event.

University Camera Logs follow

Tape begins
Anomaly reported to security team by research staff, last seen in Laboratory's East Wing. Visual confirmed by security team, creature appears to be large and humanoid in stance. Security team opens fire, bullets pass through anomaly with no visual detriment. Anomaly engages security team, using ----- to dismember them. At this time Chemistry Lab doors open, individual with Hazmat suit, confirmed Dr. Hunt, exits with two canisters of unknown substance(Later confirmed thermite and nitroglycerin.) Dr. Hunt splashes anomaly with nitroglycerin, causing irritated response before splashing it with thermite, igniting the nitroglycerin and covering Anomaly with volatile chemical fire. Anomaly expired before an attack could be made, Dr. Hunt retreats to the Chemistry lab.
Tape ends

Foundation quickly alerted by media attention, attack passed off as psychotic killer. Anomaly remains acquired by Foundation personnel and charred remains planted at scene. Surviving security guards and witnesses administered Class-A amnesiac, situation deemed controlled. Dr. Hunt was already present in recruitment pool for Biological Research due to extensive research and discoveries with bacterial viruses, contacted for recruitment. Designated Bio-Researcher at Site 66 after initial briefing.

Research Logs

January 3rd, 200_
Dr. Hunt requests access to research SCP-016. Request granted, Dr. Hunt moved to Site-__ temporarily to undergo research.

September 16th, 200_
Dr. Hunt directs testing with SCP-___, results recorded at -------

February 20th, 20__
Dr. Hunt requests access to SCP-1336 archives for chemical research purposes. Request granted, all currently recorded pictures of SCP-1336 are copied and given to Dr. Hunt with a maximum of 60 days to research.

Recorded Appearance
This information is correct as of January 1st, 20__
Height: 5'8
Weight:166 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Description: Dr. Hunt is described as having a slightly gaunt face with a thin jawline. Currently, Dr. Hunt possesses no notable facial hair other then a light stubble. Dr. Hunt is scheduled for another recording at the first of next year.

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