Dr. Green

Character Name: Dr. Green

Aliases: Green

Played By: FerJox

Position: Clearance Level 3. Researcher of the Scientific Department and collaborator of the Engineering Department.

Description: Average height, thin, beige skin, black haired with black eyes. Wears glasses. Commonly seen wearing a shirt and a tie. Wears a lab coat on cold days. Has a robotic hand instead of his right hand (explained in background).

Background: He was found in a small abandoned island many years ago. Currently works at different Sites and Areas of the Foundation around the world researching SCPs. He has great skill with weapons and keeps a shotgun and a fire axe in his office in case of a catastrophic event. He lost his right hand during containment breach and was later replaced with a robotic hand. In his free time, he practices shooting and develops security artifacts, such as cameras and UGVs for the Foundation.

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