Dr. George S. D. Lewis

Character : Dr. George S. D. Lewis

Alias : Scott

Played By : Doctor Alan Grant

Qualifications : Doctorate of Computer Science

Position : Researcher

Clearance Level : Level 2

Age : 29

Physical Description : A very pale caucasian male, a semi-below average build. He has a set of blue eyes and light brown hair.

Personality : He is sarcastic, and often apathetic. He does socialize often, but he doesn't really show much concern towards others. He brags quite often, but tries to keep it to a below annoying extent. He's really keen on computers, and whenever he has access to one, he will take the opportunity to use it, often showing aggression, if he has to, to get to it. He's a joker to his friends and gets close to them, though. He shows a great interest in politics and economics, though not knowing much about them.

History : He doesn't really reveal much, claiming it isn't too interesting besides College, Grad School, and working at Microsoft Labs before being approached by the Foundation.

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