Dr. Garry Leers

Character Name: Dr. Garry Leers

Aliases: Garry, Leers, Doc Leers, That guy who really loves Dr. Bright.

Played By: Researcher Jacob

Position: Major biological researcher of sapient SCPs. Also takes the role as Bright's not-so secret admirer.

Description: Caucasian male, late thirties, 1.6 meters tall, darkish-brown balding hair and slick beard, large square spectacles and usually clad in white lab coat.

Background: Dr. Garry Leers' official status in the foundation is that he is positioned as a Level 4 scientific researcher tasked with observing the natural behaviour of sapient SCPs in containment, making new discoveries about their living habits, anomalous abilities (if any), body anatomies and even theorising about their possible origins. However, after a while of operating at the same facility of Dr. Leers it becomes obvious to many that his regular working duties are his lowest priority. By this, we mean that Dr. Leers has been stated as having an "extremely, extremely, extremely unhealthy obsession with Dr. Bright." Upon social contact with Dr. Bright, or on some occasions even hearing the mention of his name, Dr. Leers becomes suddenly at a loss for legible words, panicking in excitement. He, to the irritation of most, constantly makes references about Dr. Bright in regular conversation. He has been known to be a dedicated collector of Dr. Bright merchandise, including Dr. Bright mugs, posters, action figures, key chains, bed sheets, pillows and watches among other things. Some have even reported, though without concrete evidence, that he owns his own Dr. Bright [REDACTED]. Dr. Leers possesses his own personal diary, which he uses to only record daily events regarding Bright's actions and any interaction he has personally made with Dr. Leers, as well as use some pages to create detailed full body sketches of Dr. Bright (usually in sexually suggestive poses). Hobbies outside of work hours include creating poetry about Dr. Bright, writing Dr. Bright's unofficial biography, stalking Dr. Bright and playing chess with himself.

Notable incidents regarding Dr. Leers or with him and Dr. Bright are as follows.

  • Whilst making an announcement to his research staff over the site intercom system, Bright had happened to enter the room during that time. Upon becoming aware of his presence, Dr. Leers uncontrollably squealed into the microphone, which was heard throughout the facility for a approximately three minutes.
  • Dr. Leers owns a CD crudely labelled "bright at night". When played, nothing is heard aside from faint light snoring noises.
  • Dr. Leers has been recently making frequent requests to be granted personal access to testing with SCP-1230, all of which have been denied.
  • In one incident, Dr. Leers was accidentally struck by Dr. Bright's chainsaw cannon. After extensive medical attention, Dr. Leers miraculously survived the event, but in the process gaining a large scar across his stomach, which he has been reported of motionlessly staring at in awe when sat at his office desk.
  • Dr. Leers was given a psychological interview earlier this year. To everyone's surprise, he had exhibited no unusual behaviour for the full time during the time of questioning, making no references to Dr. Bright, and also formally denied all claims of unprofessional activities surrounding him.

"This is unorthodox. I can assure everyone that Dr. Leers had in no way acted in such a manner before being introduced to Dr. Bright. He may be so called raging mad now, but he's still one of most intelligent men we have here on the site, so you're all just going to have to put up with his obsessions." - Dr. ████

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