Dr. Frederick R. Heiden


Dr. Frederick Renard Heiden, Ph. D., MS


Clearance 3, Researcher

Addendum 1: Inventory of Possessions

Clothing, photographs (non-containment-related), personal computer, books.

Addendum 2: Physical Description

Dr. Frederick Heiden is a Caucasian male, approximately six feet tall and weighing 146 lbs. at his last physical. This subject has thinning brown hair flecked with gray and dark brown eyes. His preferred dress is formal, but as a Site resident, will most often be seen in labcoat and khakis.

Addendum 3-A: Personnel History

Frederick Heiden received graduate-level degrees in both neurology and moral and ethical theory, attaining a doctorate in neuroethics shortly before being employed by Soap From Corpses Products. A few short months showed his talent for neurology being utilized significantly, and the Foundation proper decided to elevate him to an entry-level researcher. Dr. Heiden's research history focuses mostly on low-to-mid grade psychic and memetic entities and objects, such as SCP-641 and SCP-701.

As of July 15, 2009, Dr. Heiden's movements and activities have been restricted in accordance to Employee Code §13.56, 'Potential Risk to Self or Foundation Property', on request of Dr. Kaylee Winters, Psychological Care Ward of Site 23. Dr. Heiden is not to be provided with any form of weaponry from the Site 23 Armory, regardless of the purpose of his request. If Dr. Heiden requires a weapon to be used in regards to research, a junior employee is required to obtain and utilize the weapon under Dr. Heiden's direction. Any questions regarding Dr. Heiden's treatment are to directed to Dr. Winters, who reminds you that unless the question relates to the long-term containment of a Euclid or Keter-class object, or the immediate containment of a Safe, Euclid, or Keter-class object, that all medical history is protected under Employee Code §22.18, 'Medical Confidentiality'.

Addendum 3-B: Miscellaneous

No exemptions requested. Weapons carried from Site 17 will be provided to the armory upon approval of transfer.

Dr. Heiden has continued his academic pursuits since his recruitment. Following are a selection of his works.

An Aristotelian Approach to Moral Education in Containment, a work analyzing potential means to improving the quality of life and in so doing, making containment of noncombative, human SCPs easier.

Nonhumanoid Items and the Rational Capacity, an analysis of intelligent or seemingly-intelligent objects and their relative moral value.

Unnecessary Force: An Examination of Excessive Containment Strategies, a critique of exceptionally stringent containment protocols on several Safe-class SCPs.

Humanoid Items as Mere Means, notable for directly referencing SCP-590, this essay addresses human SCP containment in a Kantian context.

Moral Relationships and Responsibilities analyzes the moral responsibilities of Foundation researchers and agents in both utilitarian and care-ethics based approaches. Notable for being an extremely sympathetic essay to Foundation goals.

Experimental Protocols and, an incomplete work regarding the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] protocols in particular, gathered from Dr. Heiden's personal computer shortly before his transfer to Site 23. Flagged as a potential disloyalty risk and locked from access on internal servers.

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