Dr Evan

Played by evanochoevanocho

Name: Dr.Evan


Clearance level:3


Accomplishments:PhDs in memetics and neurology

Date recruited:03 08 1998

Description:Is an cuacasion male. Where's a black suit and white cloak.

Background:Dr.Evan was discovered when he posted several papers on memetics ,that were more advanced than our memetic understanding. At first he was level 2 but on 01 02 2006 he was promoted to level 3 for ,increasing are understanding of 10 nurological SCPs and helped MTF units by increasing there training against neurological warfare used by some SCPs..
Is not aloud to test on SCP-3089 after incident 3089-gamma. Because of the before mentioned event he is to remain on watch at all times until 01 01 2031.

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