Dr. Ernest G. Clemenceau

Name: Ernest Guderian Clemenceau

Ethnicity: Anglo-Franco, emigrated to Britain returned to France later on.

Age: 62

Role: Researcher at Site-06-3 (Humanoid Containment Site-06-3)

Specialization Chemistry and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Security Clearance Level 3

Affiliations: SCP Foundation, retired member of both British M16 and the DCPJ(Directionale Centrale Police Judicare), SDPTS (sous-direction de la police technique et scientifique) Forensics directorate

Strictly under control of: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY


Personality: Dr. Clemenceau is known to be a humble but firm individual who isn't afraid to put across his own viewpoints. Colleagues have described him as fair, determined and has shown a soft side to certain people whom he deems worthy. He doesn't share the same zealous hatred of Germany as his lineage as he feels that preserving age-old conflicts isn't a productive thing to do with one's life. He had an estranged relationship with his parents due to their conflicting ideologies.

When he is on break however, Dr. Clemenceau is known to read books on naval vessels as well as armored vehicles and military aircraft. While he denies it occasionally, Dr. Clemenceau is an avid military enthusiast as well as an admirer of Antoine Lavoisier whom he claims was his hero during his childhood.

Dr. Clemenceau is known to still maintain cordial relationships with old members of the DCPJ but keeps conversations strictly casual as to not compromise Foundation protocols. He also has several authoritative friends in IUPAC(International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) who he invites occasionally to his villa in Lorraine for dinner parties discussing unit standards.

Dr. Clemenceau married a Parisian women named Fleur in 2001 and currently has 2 children, Georges and Gabriel both with whom he tried to communicate and bond with as often as he can. He recently relocated to Site-19 on the request of O5 command to take part in certain experiments and oversee evaluations from senior staff members.

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