Dr. Eric Sparks

Full Name: Eric Jameson Sparks1

Date of Birth: March 18, 1972

Position: Senior Researcher (formerly field scientific consultant to MTF Omicron-19 ("Space Cadets")

Security Clearance: Level-3

Description: Tall and lanky, with short brown hair and pale green eyes. Dr. Sparks is somewhat quirky and socially awkward, preferring to avoid one-on-one conversations if at all possible. Has an unusual habit of unintentionally picking up mannerisms from people around him. Due to the fact that Sparks spends most of the year in zero-gravity conditions, he is not entirely used to dealing with Earth gravity, with the result that he is often extremely clumsy and uncoordinated.

Background: Sparks has a doctorate in astrophysics. He was a NASA astronaut originally and flew on several Shuttle missions as a payload specialist and robotic arm operator. In the course of his NASA career, he managed to produce a fairly impressive portfolio of research. This, combined with the unique skillset he brought to the table as an astronaut, made him rather attractive as a potential recruit.

In 2007, the Foundation offered Sparks a job. He signed on, and became a field scientific consultant (and robotics specialist) to MTF Omicron-19. During his time with the task force, he flew on █ different missions.
In 2013, Sparks transferred to the Science Department. Currently, he spends eight months out of every year aboard Special Asset 19, a space station secretly operated by the Foundation as a research laboratory and orbital operations facility.2 He spends his remaining time back on Earth working with Space Operations Mission Control at Site-19. Currently, he is involved in helping develop and test technologies to be used in Project LEGIONNAIRE, the proposed neutralization mechanism for SCP-2399.

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