Dr. Enoch Crane

Character name: Enoch Crane

Aliases: Doc Crane, Dr. E, Enny (not preferred)

Played by: Hades42

Clearance level: 3 (promotion to level 4 under review) (To see need-to-know permissions, please see document: Crane-NTK1)

Position: Research and testing at site-48 globally on demand

Description: 1,8 m, Slightly underweight, Green/hazel central heterchromia, blond Brown hair, Carrying a minor concealed firearm outside testing (approved by site director), Other apparel worth noticing include a standard site-48 lab coat and a pair of glasses.

Notable background: Dr. Crane was hired by the foundation at the late 60's and has since proven his worth to both researching anomalies and suppressing minor breaches. Dr. Crane has a doctor's degree at bio-electronics and medicine.

Following a major containment breach, Dr. Crane was credited for life preserving actions, and granted permission to carry a personal firearm. Permit is valid as long as it doesn't cause harm to the structure, SCPs, or other personel.

Addendum: Permission to firearms has been revoked. For further info, please see incident report: DFR3284-2001

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