Dr. Dolorem


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Character Name: Dr. Dolorem

Sex: Male

Aliases: N/A

Radio Callsign (if applicable): Latin

Played By: Dr. Vinogradoff (Cdr_Bvarzi)


  • Head of Memetic Research
  • Undisclosed Position on The Ethics Committee

Security Clearance: Level 4

Physical Description: 6 feet tall, stocky build. Pale skinned with blonde curly hair and dull, grey eyes. Often seen carrying his walking stick after an incident with SCP-682 during a containment breach.

Background: Dr. Dolorem was recruited to The Foundation by ████████ where he was a Junior Researcher until a breakthrough with SCP-███ which led to a promotion. From there he slowly gained a greater status in The Foundation until a further promotion to his current position. He doesn't currently have a permanent fixture at any Site and he travels between them, assisting with research when needed however he has an office at Site-19 and at Site-77 due to extended work periods there.
He is also a specialist on Autonomous SCPs and in SCPs related to Nonstandard SpaceTime however he does not lead research on these but takes part, occassionaly, when he can.

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