Dr. Dmitri Varkov

Name: Dmitri Varkov

Played by: DevereauxDevereaux

Aliases: Vark, Dr. Varkov, Dmitri, Varkov

Position: Dmitri is the head of the Disease Sub-Department and Head Epidemiologist at the Foundation. He has level 4 clearance. He is trained in trauma treatment, hand-to-hand, and small arms combat.

Description: Dmitri is 47 years old, 5' 11" tall, and almost underweight. He has short black hair (though it's starting to turn grey), blue eyes, and arms that look too long for his body. He speaks with a light Russian accent. He is known to keep a knife on his person often. He is often permitted to study in the field. He has a group of pet mice, which are genetically engineered to have a longer lifespan than average mice. His favorite one is a tiny white mouse named Despereaux. He self identifies as a nerd, and is a dinosaur of the web, having used the internet for the first time in the mid nineties. He also enjoys reading science-fiction and end of the world themed books in his free time.

Background: Little is known about the childhood of Dmitiri Varkov. He was recruited to the foundation after he received a PhD in epidemiology from Moscow State University. He quickly showed an interest in combat training, and was given authorization to receive training with small arms and knives. He was not particularly good at using firearms, but was proficient with bladed weapons. Over time, through diligent work he received promotion after promotion, eventually reaching head epidemiologist, and later head of the Disease Sub-Department.

Things that you probably have no reason to know:
Names of Varkov's mice (as I come up with them):

  • Despereaux
  • Novikov
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