Capt. Mcknight

Character Name: Capt. Mcknight

Played by: NMLcignificant

Aliases: Mackie, David Mcknight, Hornet

Position: Security personnel, Seal team 6 officer

Description: Tall and has a medium build with brown eyes and black hair. Capt. Mcknight retired from the seals after the death of Osama Bin Laden. He wears a standard security uniform and still wears the seal emblem and prefers to be called "Hornet" (his former callsign) . He is a cheerful and kind but gets impatient and ill-tempered when mocked or discriminated.

Background: Capt. Mcknight played in the important role in saving capt. Philips, locating Bin Laden and others. After finding out that the Bin Laden is dead, he stated to one of the generals, "I have long wanted that man to be brought to justice. I guess I'll try the job my friend was talking about. It's been a pleasure serving with you sir."

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