Dr. Daniel Altazor

Character name: Daniel Oswald Altazor

Aliases: Daniel, Dan, Dr. Altazor

Played by: Vanpool

Position: Scientific Department/Class C Researcher at Area 02

Security Clearance: Level 3

Height: 1.79 m.
Weight: 70 kg.

Education: PhD, Astrophysics; PhD, Quantum Mechanics

Description: Doctor Altazor, despite his vast experience on physics and science, has also developed spiritual abilities, like astral projecting and energy management, which made him a valious assistance on the controlling of the [DATA EXPUGNED] event, when he could provide vital information that the task force was unable to obtain. Since that event, Doctor Altazor has been tasked on a high number of missions that required non-physical presence and reconnaissance on hazardous enviroments and situations

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