Dr. Conrad Meyer Sitze

Played by: TagliafierroTagliafierro

Name: Dr. Conrad Meyer Sitze

Aliases Mey-Mey, Rad

Clearance Level: 3

Position: Safe and Euclid-class SCPs Overseer

Location: Site-17

Description: Dr. Sitze is a 49 years old man, 1.75 meters tall, with black eyes and gray-ish hair. Formerly possessed a goatee, was forced to shave after his employment at the Foundation. Despite his mild and calm nature, Dr. Sitze has often displayed a superiority complex around Level 2 or below personnel. Dr. Sitze has a passion for the Teashade-style sunglasses, and currently owns over 150 pairs.

Background: Of American-German descent, Dr. Sitze was born in Ravensburg, Germany. Obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in 1983, Dr. Sitze started working for the Foundation in 1992, where he was originally employed in Storage Site-12 as a Level 2 researcher.

Dr. Sitze was then temporary moved to Site-17, due the massive damage to Storage Site-12 caused by E-1829, an abnormally large specimen of mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), neutralized after 2 hours by Mobile Task Force Xi-8 (“Spearhunters”).

Despite Site Storage-12 has now been rebuilt and is currently active, Dr. Sitze decided to remain in Site-17, where he is now employed as Level 3 Safe and Euclid-class SCPs Overseer.

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