Dr. Cheftzibah Jackson

Full Name: Cheftizbah (חֶפְצִי-בָּהּ) (Shef-Tsi-Bah) Nissa (נִסָה) Jackson
Aliases: Dr. Jackson (Patients) , Zibah (Close Friends) , Nissa,
Played By: PerseponiesPerseponies

Position: PhD, Psychology; Master's, Cognitive Neuroscience; Minor's, Communications, Computer Sciences, Philosophy and Behavioral Genetics.

Physical Description: 25 years old, Caucasian/Arabic female; Height: 5''5, Weight: 130 lb, Bust: 37 inches, Waist: 20 inches, Hips: 36 inches, Bra size: 36DD; skin a very light mocha color that is natural-no artificial tanning; a broad straight nose, harp-shaped full lips always a light shade of pink contrasting her tan skin; dark, almost black, thick hair that falls very curly-also natural-a little past her ribs; very bright, large blue eyes contrasted by long thick eyelashes; narrow chin, broad jawline; thick, toned legs that make up most of her height; broad shoulders. She has only two piercings; ear-lobes. No tattoos to date. Small scars located on the back of her left hand(Diagonal), right by her right knee(Vertical), and on the back of her neck (Diagonal). A small beauty mark just below the outer corner of her right.

Disposition: A bright, brilliant woman. Her intelligence can be over shadowed by her innate quality to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. A light temperament and friendly attitude, Jackson is hardly seen scowling or angry. She's notably cowardly and is prone to run in situations of "fight-or-flight", given she realizes the predator isn't actually a "lion with a thorn in his paw." Tendency to socialize, but only out of necessity. She's often seen either eating or tapping at the keyboard researching her patients. Can be bribed with culinary sweets. Seemingly unaffected by the male gender despite her almost childish personality, ignorant to innuendo.

Background: Born May 12, 19██ in [DATA EXPUNGED] Daughter of Foundation employee, Kalmar Jackson, was hired immediately after graduation from ████████ ██ ████, interned at numerous prisons and hospitals for the criminally insane. Has a pique record of straight A's since she's began attending school followed up by impressive extra-curriculars. Was involved in Debate Club and Theatre. Mother; Deceased. No siblings or other living relatives known to date.

Audio Log:

1. Dr. Jackson only works with humanoid or lucid patients capable of holding conversations that can give her a determination of a psyche. She also is asked to give summary of whether or not a creature is capable of cognition, thus determining whether they can be helped by a psychologist. She does not work with highly dangerous creatures, she's too prone to run.

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