Dr. Candace Beatrice Kiergen

Character Name: Candace Beatrice Kiergen

Aliases: Candy, Flamelle, Lyoko, Blazette

Played By: Lyoko99999

Position: Researcher and USA Field Agent. Site is not specified

Description: 6'5", 165 lbs, tanned skin, Age: 30,Blond hair with yellow eyes. She commonly wears clothes that are the colors of fire to match her fiery personality.

Background:Abandoned as a child, she explored USA as a traveling child. While she was traveling, she had gained an interest in finding out about the unknown and hidden things in the world. She also attended school and graduated High School. When she became 18, she stopped traveling to study. She had gone to college where she got her doctorate's degree in Biological Science and Forensics. She was recruited as a Researcher for site 19 at the age of 27, but now roams around the USA, gathering research from all sites and areas. She also hopes to discover more SCPs along the way. She can be a little bit arrogant, but is overall very nice and extremely brave. She has a lot of energy. When she working, however, she is very calm and will focus on her work. She is there in one city for a year and then she leaves, so nobody remembers her. She likes to be free and enjoys experimenting. She dislikes discouraging people and being out done.

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