Dr. Brent Bennet

Character Name: Dr. Brent Bennet

Aliases: Ben, Benny, Mr. Fixit

Member of: The Foundation

Clearance Level: 2

Class: C

Age: 34

Played by: Domotoro

Position: Researcher.

Background: After Dr. Bennet's first indoctrination to the Foundation, he was transferred from site to site often in order to find his niche. He has an intrigue with SCP-914 and many other mechanical SCP's, which landed him at Site- 19, and is now submitting a request to researching any machinery that is self aware or has the possibility of being sentient, which is still pending. Although he is usually seen doing the after-test reports and paperwork of SCP-914, SCP-1139, and various other mechanized SCP's.

He used his mechanical engineering doctorate from MIT to rise quickly in the ranks of aerospace technology, and was working on new satellites that would increase the effectiveness of Satellite Communication networks and possibly deep space exploration. He was well known in NASA for being one of the younger people working there, which soon caught the attention of the Foundation.

5'11 caucasian with black rimmed glasses, Hazel eyes and unkempt black hair usually kept under a baseball cap or cut short whenever he bothers to do so. He always wears his lab coat buttoned half way with a red tie and black long sleeved polo underneath.


Dr. Bennet before working at the foundation.

Although most of his hobbies are passive, mostly tai chi and tinkering with clockwork scraps to make various doodads, he does visit the MTF training courses and firing range however, where he practices firing handguns and close quarters combat. He has shown to be adept in basic marksman skills and self defense techniques.

Addendum: there has been a denied document regarding a request to be transferred into a MTF.

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