Dr. Brandon Gujzo

Name : Brandon Gujzo

Age: 34

Played by: Dr_Gujzo

Merits: was given an M.D. at the age of 26(bachelors at 22, and received a Medical Degree as a physician in his next 4 years), getting high marks all throughout his time in university. Has been accredited to various relief efforts in third-world countries such as vaccinating Sudanese children and supplying delapidated hospitals with medical equipment and medicines. Dr. Gujzo had been an established and respected member of the charity [REDACTED], therefore giving him the credntials needed for his releif efforts.

Dr. Gujzo had enlisted himself into the Army in early 2008. He was tasked to a Forward Operating Base as a doctor in the bases Combat Support Hospital, but was sent back to the United states after shrapnel wounds resulting from a mortar strike on the FOB. He later left to Sudan to continue his charity work.

Dr. Brandon Gujzo got the interest of the foundation after insisting to help injured personell after incident 856-F from SCP-856. Dr. Gujzo had been visiting the nearby village while medical personnel were evaluating the average health status of the civilians occupying the village. Due to his perserverence in trying to help injured personnel,the on-site director ordered his restrainment and for him to be administered Class-E amnesiacs and returned to his post. Advisors preformed a background check and the on-site director instead recruited the doctor due to his work in the medical feild.

Dr. Gujzo has been extra resilient to common infections, diseases, inflammations, viruses, etc. due to strict diets and vitamin/mineral moniterization.

Position: Medical staff tasked with common diseases and illnesses, as well as physical treatment.

Security Clearance: Level 2

Physical description: 5'11, dark hair and brown eyes. Hair is of short height and ruffled, with no discernible style or pattern. is seen frequently wearing a sweater vest along with a lab coat. 20/20 vision and shaves every 5 days.

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