Dr. 'Blues'

Character Name: Dr 'Blues'

Aliases: 'Miss Sophia Hayes' 'Sophia'

Sex: Female.

Birth date: 11-09-1996

Personality: Sophia's personality is complex. She is very calm most of the time, She tenses up when she thinkssomething bad is going to happen, And gets slightly more agressive. She loves to joke around. She has a love for animals. She is serious about her work though.

Played By: DrVivid

Position: L-4 Staff stationed at Site-73.

SCPs assigned to: SCP-079, SCP-093.

Description: She has light blue eyes, Brightly tinged yellow Teashade glasses, And long chestnut brown hair. She usually would be seen in a white labcoat, with some yoga pants and a white or black button up shirt. She has an hourglass figure. Her hands would be medium sized.

Background: Dr. 'Blues' would seem to be a normal human with a normal life. She forgets her past, until she joined the foundation. She was chosen to apply for the Foundation, which she did with great interest. After a few months as working as a L-2, The Foundation discovered her influence on electronics. It was discovered during a containment breach. Not a catastrophe. The lights went out, as the SCP decimated the generators, and she turned them back on. She was able to turn it on and off. The SCP was recontained easily.

Anomalies: She is able to communicate with electronics and find out problems with them, Every electronic SCP seems to like her so far.

Items: A smooth, round stone of unknown origin.

"I propose that she go into testing with 079, We may gain more information."
- Dr. Vivid

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