Dr August Wires

Name: Dr August Olivia Wires

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Specialties: Mind-Affecting objects, Interviewing and Interrogation

General description: Dark brown curled hair, black-brown eyes, 5"7, light bruising beneath the eyes due to sleeplessness, a strong Londoner's accent

Personality: Rather shy, often blurts out snipits of information she deems associated to the topic at hand, she usually buries herself in work or other matters.

Background: August Olivia Wires, or Doctor Wires, is a young member of the foundation who actively sought them out after one of her university experiments were confiscated and deemed 'unsafe'. She's rather shy but also tries incredibly hard to prove her worth to the 'higher ups', staying in the foundation for hours overtime and sometimes insisting on taking piles of paperwork home with her for 'further studies'.

Mental state: August has been found to have Agoraphobia (fear of large open spaces) and occasionally has to leave certain areas of the building due to this phobia, this however has not proven to stop her from determinedly working away.

Security clearance: Level 3

General other points of information: -August has been found attempting to 'stroke' Dr's Bright and Crow but insists it was simply because they're "simply adorable!"
-Her office is incredibly untidy with many items of stationary buried underneath the various files and pieces of paper stacked up
-When asked about her family she simply replies with this statement or a similar one "I was raised by Rambo and Bruce Willis"
-Her Doctorate refers to her work with microbiology, chemistry and psychology.

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