Dr. Aruna Vespasien

Name: Aruna Vespasien, MD, PhD
Played By: Teadrinkininja

Security Clearance Level 3, Class C Research Personnel/ Medical Officer
No work experience Prior to Foundation

Special Note:
Dr. Vespasien previously subject for project [REDACTED] in 0934[REDACTED]
Training commenced in subject's youth.

Physical Profile
Sex: Female
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown, wavy.
Height: 5'4
Age: 45
Physical Ability: High
Health Impairments: Mental/Emotional instability caused by exposure to SCP [REDACTED] subject may present with violence.
Previous Infractions resulted in extended quarantined isolation period.

Predominant Occupations: Medical Examinations of Contained Specimens, Research Management in dept [Redacted]

Personal Profile Dr. Vespasien resides within the Facility. [NO FURTHER DATA]

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