Dr. Artyom Binderman

Character Name: Artyom Binderman

Aliases: Dr. Binderman, Artyom, Artie, Mr. Binder

Played by: Jett Phillips

Position: Head Researcher of SCP-914, overseeing any and all testing with said SCP with a level 4 research clearance and level 4 security access to any and all reports involving SCP-914 and anything created/modified by it.

Description: Height: 181cm Mass: 80kg Age: 34 Physical Features: Bluish/Green with Hazel eyes, long brown hair, beard and mustache, slim and muscular build, usually wearing a white lab coat with a black long-sleeve under armor well fitted shirt and brown cargo pants, frequently wearing some form of running shoes, digital watch worn on the inside of his left wrist, and usually wears his ID batch with a single strand of paracord around his neck. He also wears dark blue framed glasses while on-site.

Background: Artyom was born and raised in California, to a Slovak mother and an American father. At the age of 28, upon graduating from University, with a Masters degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, along with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Robotics, he joined the Foundation with a recommendation by a close friend of him in the higher up administration and registration department at his now present site. Because of his expertise in machinery and R&D, he was assigned to testing and research of SCP-914. He also took part in what he called, "The Summer inna Woods Challenge" every summer during college with a friend where, together, they would camp out in a different woods every year with a different scenario and goal. He picked up a large amount of survivalist experience in this time, and began going to a nearby shooting range every other Saturday. After 5 years in his department, he was declared Head of all future research and testing of SCP-914, along with his security and research clearance. He enjoys a variety of music, Science Fiction themed literature and cinema, running and martial arts, and is an enthusiast and smoker of Marijuana in his spare time, (hiding some of his marijuana in tightly rolled joints to mimic cigarettes and storing them in unmarked cigarette packs and cartons scattered in secret stanches all over the site, he frequently sells the stashes and their contains to other foundation personal. Mainly over-stressed security guards such as off-duty keter security detail and MTFOs.). He is a prominent yet sometimes questionable leader, who makes sometimes highly logical decisions while having the qualities of idiot in other times. He always strives to learn from his mistakes. He is very determined in understanding and discovering the secret of SCP-914 and how it does the things it does. He wants to find a way to reverse-engineer and reproduce SCP-914 in order to better and benefit the manufacturing industry around the world. He considers himself a philanthropist and wants to go down in history outside of the Foundation records.

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