Dr. Anwey Penlat

Character name: Dr. Anwey Penlat
Aliases: Doc, Penny, the Sultan of Swing
Played by: TheUniSquirrel (noob)
Position: Containment specialist for Safe and Euclid SCPs, Beta Researcher for Inter-Dimensional SCP's.

Description: Fairly tall, silver haired, and with an oddly charming face, this Indian geezer somehow has the energy to run a marathon at the age of 53. Plays gypsy jazz like a pro on the banjo, and can't sing at all. He likes to wear Bill Cosby sweaters and can kick very, very hard. This mofo' has iron thighs! And most importantly, he's single *wiggles eyebrows*.

Background:Raised in the mountains of Siberia, his double-accent of Hindi and Russian was once the curse of his life until he took a crash course in English. Now he can make old-man jokes in three different languages, much to the horror of his colleagues (he is not allowed access to SCP-505 for obvious safety reasons). He takes interest in inter-dimensional anomalies, especially 507. The only things about his personal life he likes to talk about are his three children.

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