Dr. Alistair Cromwell

Played by: bboy46

Name: Alistair Benjamin Cromwell

Aliases: Dr. ABC, That Weird Guy Trying to Kill us All

Background: PhD in Biochemistry, Masters in Engineering, and Bachelors in Psychology

Clearance Level: Level 4 Global

Position: One of leading researchers in the study and analysis of SCPs and their effects on the world (when he's not lazing around his main office or being forbidden from visiting other SCP by other head researchers).

Physical Appearance:
6'0", 160 lbs., dark brown eyes (some people swear they're black), short brown hair (has been considering to grow it out into a ponytail), light muscle build, has scar running down the right side of his face (right eye still functional). Many people claim there are sparkles coming from his eyes when a new (potential) lead into SCP has been found.

Age: 23

Alistair can be fun to hang out with as long as work is the farthest thing from his mind. While researching, Alistair has proven to be…quirky. This ranges from conducting weird experiments to doing things considered suicidal. One incident includes trying to get SCP-049 a laboratory in an effort to see if SCP-049's resurrection methods could be a clue to making an SCP (Note: Request has been repetitively denied).

Psych Results:
Dr. Cromwell's psych exam was performed by Dr. ████ from Site █. Dr. ████ states that Dr. Cromwell has been shown to be very erratic while working. Despite appearing to be capable of showing emotions such as concern, regret, and excitement, it has been revealed through questioning and observation that Dr. Cromwell actually rarely experiences these feelings towards anything, himself included, in regards to everything. This form of mentality causes Dr. Cromwell to possess an indifferent persona regardless of situation. Reason of this unique state of behavior is theorized to be due to childhood trauma during an escape by SCP-096 (Please see section on Personal History for more information.) Dr. ████ suggests to maintain observation of Dr. Cromwell due to nature of his goals. He has been revealed to be very adamant about achieving it and his mentality as stated previously might lead him to perform extreme measures. <Ok, I will admit about lack of emotions, but I am not so crazy as to do something drastic and suicidal! Dr. Cromwell, please refrain from interjecting personal comments into personnel files. If you believe a change is to be made, you may request such in the Comments Section of the file. It must also be noted that Dr. Cromwell's obsession with SCP has been known to go towards extreme hatred to extreme interest. This unique and constantly fluctuating relationship with SCPs has put a strain on Dr. Cromwell's ability to become social with other researchers or any individual that is not an SCP. Possibly reason for this may be found in the below section on Personal History (Note: As of ██/██/██, all data regarding events in Dr. Cromwell's life between the escape of 096 and his recruitment into the Foundation have been expunged. A link to the expunged version has been provided, but a Level 5 clearance is required to view it).

Personal History:
Alistair could be considered a very (un)lucky person. Since he was ten years old, Alistair has been aware of SCPs. This is due to his father working as a researcher for SCP and commonly sneaking into his office at home to look at his work. His first SCP encounter was with SCP-████, before it was retrieved and Alistair's father managed to keep his family from being made to forget. The second encounter (approximately five (5) years after the first encounter) is possibly his most miraculous: encountering SCP-096. During an escape of SCP-096 in an attempt to kill SCP-096-1, it managed to enter the hometown of Alistair, leading to a chain reaction of massacres. Alistair somehow managed to not view the SCP-096 and was the only survivor and hid in the pantry of his neighbor's house for a full day. A family friend from another town (who is unaware of the SCP Foundation) took Alistair in, but Alistair couldn't forget about SCPs. When he became twenty (20), Alistair managed to get recruited by the Foundation. Apparently his father was a ██████ researcher, giving him some brownie points with the head researchers. Alistair began to work hard in his studying of SCPs, but tends to stay uninvolved with dealings of SCP-096.

Attached here is the original, expunged version of Dr. Cromwell's file, but is only authorized by personnel with Level 5 security clearance and permission by at least one (1) Council Member. Expunged Background of Dr. Cromwell

Everyone knew Alistair had an objective given his determination to climb within the ranks of the SCP research division, but no one knew what. However, when Alistair achieved Level 4 clearance, he announced his dream to his fellow head researchers: to create an SCP. At first everyone merely assumed he was joking or wanted to try and make something like SCP-038, but Alistair clarified that he wanted to create an original SCP, be it organic, mechanical, or memetic. This horrified the other researchers, one going so far as to demand the termination of Alistair, but the higher-ups were keen on the possibility and denied the termination. Since then, Alistair earned a large reputation as he conducted extensive research on numerous SCPs. Some workers often place bets on whether Alistair will succeed or not and what kind of SCP he'll make, and others claim he's already made █ SCPs (Note: Yet to be confirmed).

The following is a list of complaints that other researchers have made against Dr. Cromwell, but were found bias and/or 'over the top' and with no punishment follwoing these complaints.

  • Continuing interviews with SPC-035 beyond time limit. Note Dr. Cromwell still complied to the psych exam and was cleared.
  • Constant pestering of Dr. ███ to give SPC-049 a personal laboratory.
  • Repeated attempts to convince SPC- 073 to visit SPC-076.
  • Trying to turn SPC-999 into a water bed. Dr. Cromwell actually succeeded in this, but was forced to undo it when people began to stop working in favor of resting on it. No one is sure how he managed it to this day.
  • Getting into constant arguments with other Level 4 researchers. It should be noted that 84% of these arguments were started by the other researcher(s), but given Dr. Cromwell's rather large infamy among his fellow Level 4s, he tends to receive the blame regardless.
  • Being an asshole. Please refrain from using derogatory words that also possess no basis.

Currently as of ██/██/██:
Not researching any SCP at the moment, but is planning to revisit SCP-049 and try to convince Dr. ███ to give SCP-049 a personal laboratory, again.


  • Attached here is a list of interviews that were conducted involving Dr. Cromwell. Due to the potential security risk involved in reading the interviews, Level 4 security clearance and permission from one (1) Council Member is required before being able to view them. Interviews with Dr. Cromwell


  • It has been proving to be increasing difficult to keep Alistair in line with the safety precautions with many SCP. While he has been fortunate not to receive harm, it's also growing more difficult to put a leash on him with some people right below the Founder backing him. Dr. ███ has managed to limit the number of SCP visits he can make daily, but personnel must be extremely cautious when interacting with him. < This is completely bias. Dr. Cromwell has proven to be capable of safely cooperating with fellow scientists and should not be treated as a hazard.
  • Alistair has been repetitively showing signs of severe antisocial behavior towards other staff members and instead spending elongated amounts of time with SCPs. It is unknown if this is due to a strong psychic compulsion or simple preference due to the 'on and off' nature, however it has been noted that SCP who normally possess strong hatred against humans or seldom speak have shown to partake in a more 'active' conversation with Dr. Cromwell, almost like they're good friends. During the time when this antisocial personality is 'on', it has been recommended for Dr. Cromwell to interview SCPs with strong animosity for living creatures (i.e. 682 and 079) Note: There has been success with Dr. Cromwell talking with SCP-682, but 682 refuses to converse with Dr. Cromwell under an the pretense of an interview, a method of doing so without 682 being aware is underway.

Comments (These can be answered by Dr. Cromwell or by privileged personnel):

  • That bastard took my prototype lighting machine! -No Edwan, you forgot to take it yourself.
  • Why the hell does this guy get a Level 4 access card?! Please refrain from using provocative words in your statements, but the answer is that due to the unique nature of Dr. Cromwell's work (i.e. Constantly moving to different sites, interviewing SCP and other researchers), Dr. Cromwell has been authorized usage of a Level 4 Security Card and is to be treated as someone of this level until further notice.
  • Why isn't this guy being called an anomaly like what's been done with SCP-181? He's obviously abnormal. Same reason why Dr. Bright isn't being called an anomaly with SCP-963, and being abnormal doesn't make a person a guaranteed SCP. <- Have you been smoking?! He's like an anomaly's anomaly! <- I'll take that as a compliment.
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