Dr. Alice Richter

Personnel File // L2/ES - Project Alcance

Name: Alice Richter [REDACTED]

Background: MD; PhD, Advanced Pharmacology (validation level SCP/89, clearance level 3/Conditioned); PhD, Neuroscience; [DATA EXPUNGED]; General SCP/31 Neuropsychiatry Training Grade (internal validation level SCP/31, clearance level 5/Full).

Clearance Level: Global Level 2 (Tempt., on probation.), Level ES/2.

Department / Position: Medical Officer for the SCP Foundation, currently reassigned to [REDACTED] for probationary period.

Physical Evaluation: Alice Richter, 32 years of age.

Eye color: Green.
Hair color: Black.
Skin tone: Phototype III.
Height: 1.7 meters.
Weight: 79 kilograms.
Eyesight: Myopia (-2.30R and -3.70L). Prescription glasses provided.
RESULTS: Subject averaged a general score of 46 in SCP Foundation Screening and Compulsory Physical Evaluation for Field Action (SCPE-FA), three points beneath average for her population group.

Note: Field deployment is not the ideal probationary environment for the subject. Recommending reassignment.

She wanted a new assignment, is mentally sound and is not physically incapacitated. Her promotion depends on a probationary period, and it involves field work. End of the story. Clear her or declare her unfit, but don't make me decide, please. This ███████ is a minefield. - Area-███ Director R. █████

Note: Subject has received weapons training and personal defense training, but is not particularly proficient in either.

Don't give this one a gun yet. It will take more than a few days to make her able to shoot properly, and for now she is just a liability. - Area-███ Head of Security, L. Rosenthal.

Personal History: [DATA EXPUNGED]

After this incident, Dr. Richter joined the Foundation, and official cover stories detailing her moving to an undisclosed position as a NGO cooperator in Mali were provided to relatives and workmates. Requested memories were implanted and have successfully rooted to her current mnemonic node with no evident schizoid symptoms.

Work Experience: [DATA EXPUNGED] Memories were implanted in accordance with LAMCA (Localized Amnestic/Memetic Chemical Ablation; refer to [REDACTED] in Area-███ for further information) procedures following exposure to [DATA EXPUNGED] Records confirmed complete mental recovery and preservation of most professionally oriented memetic nodes, along with [DATA EXPUNGED] episodic memory, which was overwritten as expected while respecting all semantic and procedural memory, both exogenous and native.

Once she joined the Foundation, Richter showed a passion for neuroscience and proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment in humans afflicted by anomalous pathology. However, [REDACTED] and demonstrates a consistent talent in the field of memetic research, complemented by experience and a certain intuition in the compiling, application, combination and transformation of memetic agents. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. Richter served as medical officer for two separate containment facilities [DATA EXPUNGED] and as a psychiatrist in her last assignment, where she studied SCP-████ and SCP-████ subjects as a research assistant, and has been tentatively promoted to a global Level 2 Clearance (probationary results depending on current assignment).

Current assignment: [DATA CORRUPTED]

"What do you mean, corrupted!?" - Dr. Rabanaque, medical supervisor, 3/127/Area-███

Character Name: Dr. Alice Ricther, MD.

Played by: Dr ReachDr Reach

Description: Alice is a thirty something woman, with "hips-too-wide" and "thighs-too-large" concerns that do not really correspond with reality. She is, however, slightly overweight, no matter what diet she subjects herself to. She has tried them all and subsequently quit, partly due to her own incapacity to consistently train or do any exercise, but also due to the fact that, secretly, she has even less trust in diets than in her own metabolism.

Her face is actually quite beautiful, with big, almond-shaped eyes and a delicate pair of lips that she usually bites or retracts inside her mouth whenever she is thinking or nervous. While she used to wear make-up, she avoids it like the devil's work these days for personal reasons (but used to wear red or pink blush). These last months have been rough for her, and she sports rather large bags under her eyes.

She does not own any elegant or womanly clothes, and does not wear heels, preferring flats or trainers and long, closed and very clean lab coats. Under her coats, Alice wears confy old clothes she has owned longer than she is able to remember. And that's not a figure of speech.

Position: General Level 2 Clearance (Conditioned).

  • Medical Officer for the SCP Foundation, currently reassigned to the Medical Branch of Site-19 and working as a floating neuropsychiatrist, amnestics expert and medical officer (in reserve).
  • She works with several SCP test subjects, analysing them post-testing.
  • She has a conditioned Level 2 clearance level, limited to those SCP objects that might turn those very same subjects dangerous to her, but has a breadth of knowledge on anomalous pathology and drugs that might be beyond her clearance level. Nothing really dangerous, but certainly a minor breach in OpSec.
  • She dreams of having her own Memetics Archive and Laboratory — and has the know-how, willpower and energy to pull it off, — and maybe working on a few projects of hers, particularly amnestics drug safety, experimental usage of cognitive and mind/memory-altering procedures and memetic vaccines, somewhat of a novelty she keeps to herself.

Personality: There is something very wrong with Alice.

There is the Alice that everyone knew. That one wasn't even called Alice, and she doesn't really factor into her current life anymore, so you shouldn't really care about her.

There is the Alice everyone knows right now. She is obsessive, smart, a blabbermouth and a geek, more than a bit socially awkward and passionate about her job, but she is also jelous of people who can find it in themselves to have normal conversations with other people. She just wants to fit in, be accepted and, as a portion somewhere in the corners of her worry-devastated mind would state, liked.

Then there are the other Alices.

We don't talk about them. Unless you have proper security clearance.

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