Dr. Alex Schmidt MD

Name: Dr. Alex Schmidt MD

Aliases: Alex, Doctor, doc, Mr. Rodgers (as a joke), Dr. Schmidt

Position: Researcher

Location: Site-06-3

Clearance level: Level-3

Player: AlexAvenger

Description: Caucasian male with brown hair (worn in pompadour) and green eyes. He is 32 years old. He wears a lab coat over his normal attire of a cardigan and a v-net, usually with chino pants. He tends to call his style the "indie" look, but is often made fun of and called Mr. Rodgers due to his love of cardigans.

Dr. Schmidt is a people person, and is quite easy to get along with as he does not create drama with other staff. However, he is very much content with doing his work before he interacts with other staff, unless they are working with him. Dr. Schmidt also is very knowledgeable in both psychology and physics (his minor), often quick to show off his knowledge at any time. Schmidt also loves animals, and has volunteered to take care of the animal projects when he is not at Site-06-3; however, this request has been denied.

Background: Dr. Schmidt went to UIC Medical School at age 23 to expand on his bachelor's degree, which he earned after taking his general education classes at Carthage College. At Carthage, he majored in psychology and minored in general physics. After going through six years of medical education at UIC, he then completed his residency over 2 years at Alder's School of Psychology to earn his MD. During his time in medical school, Dr. Schmidt became engulfed with his desire to succeed, ultimately excelling in his work and finishing at the top of class.

At Alder's, Dr Schmidt was noticed by a Foundation recruiter, who noted his work and vast knowledge of both psychology and physics. This resulted in Schmidt's recruitment as a researcher, after a routine background check.

Because of his work ethic during his time spent at school, it is no surprise that Schmidt keeps that same mentality when doing his research for the Foundation. Schmidt currently works with humanoid SCPs (currently 2). Dr. Schmidt's style of therapies have been noted to follow the humanistic approach.

Schmidt has been assigned to SCP-2800 to study its motivations and emotional distress. Additionally, Dr. Schmidt's knowledge in the psychiatry and efficient work ethic has resulted in his attaining Level 3 clearance to gather data on SCP-1475's brainwave patterns and brain capacity.

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