Dr. Aeslinger

Employee Name: Daniel Horatio Aeslinger

Employee Code: 931822-S000-1432

Personnel Classification: C

Security Clearance Level: 2

Current Assignment: Non-specific (tours sites)

Position: Clinical Psychologist. Specifcally tasked with reviewing both research and security personnel for emergent personality disorders.

Physical description: Caucasian male of average height, with a small, round paunch, and thinning grey hair. Looks to be about 45-50. Has a friendly face. Usually wears a simple suit and tie affair, nothing too flashy.

Personality: Finds it easy to integrate socially, despite having a self-professed but unspecified ASD1. Never too close to his coworkers, but always friendly and willing to listen to personnel's day-to-day grievances and/or problems. Sometimes doesn't get jokes and doesn't try to hide it.

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