Dr. Aeck Romez

Character Name: Aeckinski (Pronounced "AY-Kin-Skee") A. Romez
Aliases: Dr. Aeck, Dr. Romez, Aeck, The Overseer, totally radical bamf
Played By: MeesturFroggy
Job History: Previously a Pharmacist working at ███ ████████ in █████████, ██. Was fired after accidentally filling a customer's prescription with near-lethal doses of [REDACTED]. dude, it's not like i could have helped him anyways. let's hope rehab is working out for him.
Position: Overseer fancy for "that guy who looks at the cameras all day long" of Site-19.
Description: 43 years old. Around 5'8", average build. Caucasian. Unkempt, dirty grey hair with rough stubble around chin. Solid green eyes. Generally straggly appearance with greasy clothes, always wears a pair of cracked aviator sunglasses he's had since day one. Occasionally wears hollowed-out televisions lined in tin foil, which he claims to [REDACTED]. i don't want the government stealing my thoughts anytime soon, goddammit.
Background & Information: A mysterious man hired by the foundation to keep watch of Site-19 after Dr. ████ introduced him to higher authorities. Claims to have lived a "past life", filled with adventure and friendship that ended tragically somehow, and that he was the end result of "[REDACTED]'s Human Biotics Stem Cell Incident #4557". Amnesiacs administered to combat false memories have failed as he still continues to scream verbal diarrhea about "Slaying giant snakes with his old buddy, Canti". dude, canticiao was a badass. Proficient with electronics and prefers to repair broken or damaged video cameras himself, blindly meandering into the containment cells of SCPs multiple times without further permission. A set of general guidelines when interacting with Aeckinski has been established, and goes as following: wow. fucking really?

* Do not give Aeckinski televisions.
* Do not give Aeckinski access keycards above Level-03.
* Do not mention the name "Scarlet" around Aeckinski, in any form, be it the name or the color.
* Do not feed Aeckinski gelatin.
* Do not mention the names of any songs performed by the bands "Faith No More" and "Mr. Bungle" to Aeckinski.
* Do not let Aeckinski around the dressers of female foundation personnel.
* Do not let Aeckinski near SCP-261.
* Do not let Aeckinski near SCP-280 if Aeckinski possesses any form of lighting implement.
* Do not let Aeckinski near Dr. Rights. it's not MY fault she has a nice ass
* Do not allow Aeckinski in small rooms with any female foundation personnel.
* Do not let Aeckinski near any containment chamber that does not have a video camera already installed.
* Do not let Aeckinski edit any page whatsoever on the facility website. dumbfucks should have known by now. the password to the website is █████████████████████████, anyways.
* Do not deny any of what Aeckinski is saying even if it is absolutely, positively false. they're lying. they're fuckin' lying.

Failure to comply to the guidelines will not result in punishment, but may result in severe consequences based on the situation. but i'm really, really sure you wouldn't like what i would do if you fucks didn't comply Aeckinski currently lives in Site-19's overwatch room and refuses to live anywhere else, as he has already set up a rudimentary living quarters inside it my crib is pimpin as shit, yo. and someday wishes to start his own local pharmacy in the city of ██████████, ██.

Addendum #1: As of 2/6/2014, Dr. Aeckinski A. Romez has been fired from the foundation and detained to the ██████████ ██████ Correctional Facility, situated in ██████████. to this day, he still hates the foundation. fuck you, dr. bright.

Alright, which one of you fuckers thought it was a good idea to give him the password? -Dr. ████
i made compromises with 079 again, okay??

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