Dr. Adam Tall

Name: Dr. Adam Tall

Aliases: Adam, Tall, That tall guy

Played by: Dr Tall

Age: 27

Clearence: Level 2

Qualifications: MD; PhD, Psychology; PhD.

Personal History: Born in the lower UK, started studying psychology by observing how people make decisions in situations. Later went into a psychology class at the age of 13 and further studied how people operate. Joined a debate team and went on to become national champion using his knowledge.

Work Experience: Didn't get a job until the age of 19 saying they were too "menial". First job was working for the university he had been attending for 3 years. After graduating asked to help in the psychology department and further his studies. Later was given funding to conduct his own research while at the university. After a few years, he was approached by the Foundation and offered a position.

Current Position: Dr. Tall currently works as a general researcher since he is still too new to be given a specific SCP to research with. He usually works with humanoid SCPs but since he has some amount of knowledge in several subjects, he has been assigned to others in the past. He is restricted to Safe and approved Euclid SCPs only.

Description: 6'11. Pale skin tone, average build, and a large Adam's apple (if I hear one more joke about this). Has dark brown hair and green eyes.

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