Dr. S

Character name: Dr. S

Aliases: Dr. Salvador Rolin, SCP-3034-1B, 'Dr. Shithead', 'Dr. SOB', 'Dr. Satan', 'Dr. Skull'

Sex: Male

Position: SCP anomaly byproduct and psychological manipulation consultant/therapist

Played by: Cyberneticauthor5

Talents: Expert on memetic effects, illusions and similar mind-effecting anomalies

Containment procedures: Dr. S is allowed to go where he wishes within his designated site, but is to be followed by an armed guard at all times.

Description: Dr.S is the animated skeleton of the 'late' Dr. Salvador Rolin, a specialist on psychological and neural manipulation and a universally hated individual. A chain-smoker and recovering alcoholic, Dr. Salvador was a foul-mouthed, unprofessional bastard who often came up with… unique methods of dealing with SCP's, and is possibly responsible for 90% of the SCP reports lacking the proper clinical tone and/or possessing extravagant containment procedures.

For reasons unknown, Dr. Salvador volunteered himself as a test subject for SCP-3034, a business suit that rendered its wearer medically dead for as long as the suit was worn, but still capable of movement and speech. Unfortunately, Dr. S wore the suit too long and his body began to decompose, rendering him unable to remove the suit without suffering almost immediate death from returning to 'life' with a half-rotted body.

Dr. S begrudgingly accepted his fate and had himself skeletonized to prevent himself from turning into a walking sack of rotting flesh. Half-death has done nothing for the good doctors personality however, and he still curses, smokes and smacks down any SCP that tries to 'back talk' him, totally convinced that he is immortal.

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