Donnie "Dodge" Greensfield

Character name: Donovan Greensfield

Played by: Jellison


Object #: SCP-3946

Object class: Safe.

Description: SCP-3946 is a caucasian male of Germanic descent, weighing 145 pounds. His eyes are green. His hair is brown. SCP-3946 appears, by all intents and purposes, non-anomalous. The foundation is to keep no less than [REDACTED] copies of his facial recognition profile at [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3946's anomalous abilities manifest when he is threatened, more specifically within melee range. SCP-3946 has demonstrated the ability to dodge nearly any melee attack and has been capable of dodging projectiles on numerous occasions, though success can be sporadic, particularly if the projectiles are automatic or remotely controlled.

Special containment procedures: SCP-3946 is to be kept in standard humanoid housing. SCP-3946 may request entertainment within reason and is to be allowed escorted movement through approved areas of Site-[DATA EXPUNGED] for good behavior. Agents [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] have been assigned to SCP-3946's well-being in the event of a containment breach. Agent [REDACTED] has requested permission to discuss evacuation plans with SCP-3946 in the event of a Class-[REDACTED] multiple sites. Pending admin approval. Due to SCP-3946's cooperation and anomalous abilities, induction into Task Force [REDACTED] may be possible.

Addendum: Donovan isn't going anywhere until we're done with our research. I shouldn't have to say this, but the potential here is boundless. Whatever [REDACTED] did to him, it unlocked something in his system.


Background: Donovan Greensfield has a wife and two children currently living on [DATA EXPUNGED], Detroit. While the Foundation maintains surveillance as a miscellaneous branch of another operation in the area, there is little reason to believe that they are in danger. Donovan vanished without a trace on [REDACTED], 2008 before landing in Foundation care after intercepting a van believed to be containing anomalous objects headed for Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. Donovan manifested his own anomalous abilities in the ensuing firefight before being rendered unconscious by the pain from a broken leg and ankle and a number of broken ribs. No matter how agile you are, you can't quite dodge gravity.

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