Doctor William White

Name: Doctor William “Will” White
clearance: Level 3
Designation: Researcher and programmer, Scientific Branch
Current Assignment: Site 19
Dr White is a brown-haired Caucasian male around the age of 25, standing at about 1.9 meters tall, of English descent. He has shown on multiple occasions to be incredibly adept at all things involving cyberwarfare, as well as general research in the Anomalous field.

In his days as a researcher for Prometheus Labs, Inc. Dr, White quickly became disgruntled with the organization thanks to its reckless experiments and tests, costing upwards of dozens of innocent lives each - including his sister. The last straw was when Prometheus Labs’s headquarters were destroyed. Each and every one of his friends and close colleagues died that day Like the other few survivors, he was employed by the Foundation.

Dr. White contrasts with most Foundation personnel, because he has shown a very sentimental and caring persona, and often becomes visibly distressed when he sees SCPs that he believes can feel suffering. Although he never allows his feelings to interfere with his work.

Although Dr. White frowns upon unnecessary (and sometimes necessary) violence, he also realizes that in a dangerous situation, violence is the answer. As a result, Dr. White has taken and passed all of the required weapons and combat training. Much to his dismay, he is a surprisingly talented marksman.

Despite his generally docile and non-violent attitude, anger is not uncommon with him, he is considered to be unpredictable in this aspect. Dr. White maintains an interesting relationship with other staff members, his talkative, usually happy-go-lucky attitude, as well as his constant low-brow humour have produced very mixed results with his colleagues.

Dr. White is not authorized to directly interact with substantially dangerous objects, without at least Level 4 approval. Dr. White is usually posted in the office wing.

At some point prior to his arrival at Site-19, Dr. White adopted a kitten, which he named Dave, which he took into his dormitory, Dave has often been seen mingling with SCP-529 in the corridors of the housing wing. “Josie” will sometimes visit Dr. White for food and company.

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