Doctor Robert Tyler

Name: Doctor Robert “Rob” Tyler

Played By: Doctor W White

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Psychologist/Psychiatrist - specializes in human or human-like SCPs

Description and personality: Doctor Robert Tyler is a middle-aged, caucasian male, of Irish/English descent, with black hair and blue eyes, with glasses. He is known for his somewhat unconventional, but effective methods, Tyler rarely uses the term “SCP” when speaking about or to his patients, but has been criticized by some for getting too close or being too friendly to the point where he treats them better than his colleagues. This is justified by Tyler by saying that it is his job to care for the mental health of his patients, and his technique works.

Of course, there have been clashes with other Foundation personnel, many arguing that SCPs are simply objects to be contained. A very prejudiced point of view, according to Tyler.

Tyler had a traumatic childhood, which lead to not only a way of relating to the SCPs’ plight, but also a very acute sense of empathy. Despite the appearance of a warm, friendly demeanor, Tyler is often the opposite, usually giving short-shrift to those who aggravate him, with a slightly rude and uncaring tone.

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