Doctor Valdemar Kubeis

Character Name:Doctor Valdemar Kubeis

Will respond to: Kubeis, Kub, hey you, Lord Valdemar, Val, Dr. Kubeis

Played By: Kubeis

Position: Level 3 researcher at Site 19, PhD in physics and chemistry, not a real Lord

Appearance: A pale man, with dark hair and blue eyes. Middle aged. Average height

Personality: When Dr. Kubeis was given an insanity test it was determined that the tester went mad while it was being administrated. Overall a very fun loving person, tends to shout when entering rooms. Says "Good morning" when it's afternoon, and "Good afternoon" when it's morning.

Background: Born in Denmark but moved to the United States as a child, Dr. Kubeis had a love for all things strange. Soon after graduating college for his second degree, the foundation approached him.

Things you should know: Likes to "borrow" SCPs for personal use. Always carries around a wrench. Will always call someone by their full first name, or closest known name.

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