Doctor. Demers

Full name: Glazlyn Rose Demers

Other names: Glazy, Glaz, Dr. Demers.

Date of birth: January 2, 1976.

Current occupation: S.C.P Foundation research staff. Currently working On Site-06-03. Level 2-security clearance.

Biography: Glazlyn R. Demers was born in the small town of ██████████, Maine. Her father, Dr. Johnathan Demers (deceased) had worked At Site-19 for nearly thirty years before his eventual death at the age of 84. Glazlyns Mother, the late Margret Trintston, is currently living at HillView retirement homes in ██████████, Texas. Glazylyn graduated from Oxford University at the age of 23. attaining a degree in Biochemistry. Glazylyn was hired to a project in immunology, and eventually was permitted to head researcher on the project. One night, while Glazylyn was in her study, she was contacted by a project known as, 'The Foundation'. It was after this that Glazlyn was permitted into the Foundation as level 1 staff, and a trainee under Dr. ███████.Five years later, Dr. Demers, aged 33, was granted level 2-security clearence.She still works closely with Dr. ███████.

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