Doctor Andrew Spencer

Character Name: Doctor Andrew Spencer.

Aliases: None

Gender: Male

Played By: Dr Andrew Spencer

Position: Genetically or biologically anomalous SCPs (Usually humanoid, he's never been very comfortable around sentient/organic items.) SCP Foundation.
Clearance Level: Level 2 (Restricted)

Description: 5'9. 33 years old. Light brown skin and dark hair. His chin prone to growing stubble. Wears a polo and khaki pants with a lab coat draped on top. He usually dons brown glasses and a locket necklace.

Background: After majoring in biology with an emphasis on genetics at MIT, Andrew was picked up by the Foundation to supervise and participate in the research of genetically and/or biologically anomalous SCPs. A useful quality of his is the ability to keep a calm and logical mind in extreme or unusual lab conditions, thus being a somewhat valuable asset to the Foundation. The real reason he was recruited was because of his large amount of research, furthering the world of genetics somewhat significantly. A few months after publishing his work, the Foundation approached him and offered a job. He was given his PhD in Biology approximately 2 years before being recruited. He also has the immune system of a 3 year-old, which is to say, a shitty one.

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