Dirk Hermoso

Character Name: Dirk Evelyn Hermoso

Aliases: "Kay-Eff-Si", "Evelyn"


Position: Sigma-level Chaos Insurgency agent working at KFC as a cook

Description: Dirk "Evelyn" Hermoso is stout and slightly overweight, but adequately strong for a man of his weight and height. He is 39, approaching 40. He is tan, with a mustache-goatee combo, brown eyes and black hair with blonde dyes messily splattered.

Background: Dirk "Evelyn" Hermoso is a Sigma-level ASSAULT guerrilla/field operator of the Chaos Insurgency, working as part of a CI operation designed to plant CI sleeper agents at nearby, favored fast-food restaurants of known Foundation agents, in an attempt to capture/eliminate them. Because of that, he is often transferred and re-assigned to various restaurants across North America to poison visiting SCP field agents and patrons, however, his target list has been broadened to include most Chaos Insurgency POIs who deal a threat.

Having a knack for building credibility and trust with his kitchen superiors quickly with his most sonorous talents and quiet charm, and with an extensive array of face and body-changing devices supplied by the Insurgency, not to mention his ability to change voice ranges allows him to create and replace identities in a jiff.

He is single and loves dancing and singing. Also, his four years on the go as a chef/agent gave him a fair enough talent at cooking most foodstuffs in restaurants, from Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits, to KFC Hot Shots, to Auntie Anne's pretzels. But due to the same reason, he is knowledgeable in food poisoning and discreet ways of doing so, with a few brews he made himself that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, brain death, and intoxication from his training.

He is mellow, kind-hearted and speaks with a soulful, calm voice, but it sometimes deepens when he's stressed. He sings bass, baritone and tenor with ease.

Despite liking his strange tenure for the Insurgency, he has considered starting his singing career on the road as an indie musician. However, his other passion, cooking, still has a more special place in his heart.

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