Dietrich Lurk

Character Name: Dietrich Munroe Lurk (aka "Lurk") [EID#:1500566]

Security Clearance: Level 2

Age: 36

Position: Internal Consultant


  • MEng in Mining Engineering
  • Minor in Explosives Engineering
  • Firearms Certification I
  • Amnestic Use Certification II
  • Trained Evacuation Coordinator

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: lurkd

Description: D. Lurk is of average height and weight with slightly "stocky" characteristics. He keeps clean shaven and doesn't usually stray too far from his gray-scale wardrobe, which consists of black ties, oxford white shirts, and black or gray suspender slacks. His most notable feature is his hair (Kramer references ensue), which generally refuses to be kept. D. Lurk typically prefers to carry his sidearm in holster and is never seen without a handheld radio clipped onto his side.

D. Lurk has a dry sense of humor, and is not afraid to bend the rules slightly in order to achieve his goals. However he has been reported for a few minor infractions regarding protocol, but nothing severe enough warranting discipline or demotion. Despite his flaws he is known as an approachable, humble, and dedicated individual to his colleagues and peers.

Background: D. Lurk graduated with a Masters in Mining Engineering and a minor in Explosive Engineering, and shortly thereafter went into industrial minerals for a global mining conglomerate working in mine technical services. About 8 months into his new career, the exploratory drilling contractors unearthed a large cavern on one of the properties he was assigned to. The cavern, now identified as a ████████ ████ ████████, was left abandoned but still remained highly active. An initial entry survey of the cavern ultimately ended tragically and claimed the lives of █ civilians.

Foundation field agents were quickly alerted after intercepting emergency response calls originating from the mine site and responded within hours. D. Lurk was found by the rapid response team, prepping bulk explosives in and around the cavern to seal off the entrance with intentions of containing ████████. Rather than amnesticize and dismiss D. Lurk, the decision was made by the senior field agent to assist in detonating the explosives placed by him near the entrance, which overall assisted in minimizing further damages and eventually its subsequent acquisition safely into Foundation containment.

D. Lurk was given a recommendation by senior field agent, John Rummer, to be considered into the candidate pool. D. Lurk was eventually amnesticized and contacted 4 months later for a position. After a thorough review and screening, he was hired for an entry-level position as a geotechnical field analyst, but has since moved onto many other roles in later years. D. Lurk has currently taken an internal consultant role reviewing various geological anomalies.

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