Diana Hemingway

Played by: WorldEdit

Position: Junior field investigator

A young, female agent. Blonde hair forming a ponytail, deep blue eyes "hidden" under decorative glasses. Wears lab coat whenever she finds an excuse to do so. Rarely finds an excuse to do so, therefore she stick to wearing standard foundation issued civilian clothing, model 3, female version. (a light green tank top, blue jeans with extra deep pockets)

Straight out of college, she never got a chance to prove herself - might just be the reason why she still has to be assigned to a foundation front repair shop. Designated as a first response to anomalous activities, most of her job consists of talking to people who claim to talk to ghosts, see ghosts and supposedly are ghosts. Can't wait to finally contain her first SCP and earn respect among her fellow scientists.

Lately seems more and more desperate to finally get to the top, with a legitimate reason of having survived the first month of foundation work. This has reflected on her behavior, as now she is a well known suck-up, which reflects poorly on her relationships with her peers.

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