[DATA CORRUPTED, See adendum 4282-1]4828

Alias: Xer0

Containment procedures: SCP-28[DATA CORRUPTED]e kept in a 5x5x10 steel cell with only one hole for food and one hole for waste With no need for food and no waste productions, no entrance to the cell should be available except for a single vault door that is to be guarded by no less than three (3) security guards when [DATA CORRUPTED]28 is unable to be sedated for any reason.

Scp[DATA CORRUPTED]o be kept sedated via gas at all times, the gass fed throgh a ventilation system made exclusively for the cell.

Desc[DATA CORRUPTED]lanky figure and a verry flexible,thin traits brought with said figure. {DATA CORRUPTED] has no recolection of sopecific points in his life, and no real care for trying. SC[DATA CORRUPTED] constantly attempts escape when concious, and has a seething hatred to all personel who he knows are keeping his "imprisoned" in the facility. The personel listed by name include [DATA EXPUNGED]

S[DATA CORRUPTED] Especially loathes his item number, prefering the name "Xer0" With the number zero replacing the "o". One of his abilities has made filing particularly difficult for tasked researchers, most of which finnaly have given up and began refering to him by his desired alias.

When SC[DATA CORUPTED] is concious, he is able to actively alter written and electronical documents that relate to him, though how he does this is unknown, and it only seems to effect text that he can understand. These languages are in English, French, Latin, Greek, [DATA EXPUNGED] and some Egyptian. Though as of yet, he only seems interested in altering the item number designated to him.

His other skill is the ability to mimic the skills of people interacting directly with him. This skill varries widely from just learned skills such as singing, to more complicated physical traits such as limping or muscle mass. On one occasion [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE ANDENDUM 4828-2] As of date, no immediate limit to the mimic ability has been found,though it has prooven to only work on organic life.

ADENDUM 4282-1
As of day 113 of containemt, an unrelated containment breach caused a failure of the gas system that keeps Xer0 sedated were shut off. fifteen minuts later, all files with the name SCP-4282 had been changed to "Xer0," though subject never made an attempt to escape aswell. From that moment onward, all files under this SCP item number should be filed under the designated filing system.


Whoever thought it was a great idea to leave Xer0 with 682 should be left there with it aswell! We're lucky his mimic only lasts half an hour, or as long as he's concious, or we'd have TWO indestructable reptiles to deal with!

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