Damien Harkat

Name: Damien Harkat
Alias: Desert Swordsman, Agent Harkat, Blade (Will annoy), DSDH.
Designation: : Security, Retrieval, D-Class termination, D-Class (When reprimanded, though it will only last between one and two weeks)
Authorization: lvl 3
Age: 32
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180lbs
Build: Lanky-but-muscular.
Items on person at any time: $20 for vending machines, audio recorder, luger p08 pistol, (1) laminated carbon Katana, Personal recordings.

Physical description: Agent Harkat's features consist of shaggy, black hair, Grey-orange eyes, and pale skin free of blemishes save for a birthmark on the right shoulder and a scar on the left bicep. Other than these markings, Agent Harkat is almost indistinguishable from other shady figures one would find lurking in the streets. Agent Harkat's scar was caused from [DATA CORRUPTED] and still has trouble with recounting the other events. However, in spite of this, he maintains a physique and has proven essential for more laboring retrieval missions that he is tasked to.
Exceptions listed in Addendum DH-1

Attire consists of two styles: A typical pinstripe blue suit with a white shirt and black tie. (OR) a modified, black skin-suit with carbon padding on chest, joints, and temples, with typical ski mask and visors making up the mask.

Psychological description: Agent Harkat has proven to be wholly functional in most situations, save for
[SEE ADDENDUM (Which shall now be known as DH-1)] which has resulted is reprimand and demotion to D-Class when DH-1 occurs. Agent Harkat displays social reluctance and basic symptoms of bi-polar disorder, but not to any degree that requires special care or medications that would hinder work with memetic SCP's or require attention if left unchecked. Though Agent Harkat is required to undergo the bi-monthly psychology test that sites containing memetic SCP's should likely have instated.
Agent Harkat also shows a degree of bluntness that others can describe as rude, blunt, cold, [Redacted], and uncaring. These moods and rants can be brought on when he has weighed in an (often accurate and simple) idea or solution to a persistent issue brought to his attention. After the mentioned rants, he will go off to his cell and will refuse to leave for an excess of twenty minutes to half an hour before resuming his duties. Typically though, Agent Harkat is highly responsive to philosophical conversations and has offered to teach basic self-defense classes to other foundation personnel, though this request is still pending.

History Agent Harkat was born in 07-02-###7 in an unregistered town in Northern Ohio. Agent Harkat was in love with swords and blades from a young age, which was nurtured by books and friends that supported him due to his parents lack of attention. He developed a level of training with the katana in particular, and began focusing on them in particular, though he was still readily self-taught with most bladed weaponry. Harkat's first encounter with SCP's came at age 13, where SCP-#### was found amongst three corpses in the state induced when severely damaged. Upon closer investigation, the third corpse was found to be Agent Harkat, with a kitchen knife sunken into SCP-####'s midsection. Agent Harkat was treated for injuries and administered a class-A amnesiac and sent to live in foster care, though due to SCP-####'s potential effects, he was closely observed. The two corpses that were confirmed deceased were identified as Michael Harkat and Susan Harkat; Agent Harkat's blood parents.

After several more years of observation, the SCP Foundation recruited Agent Harkat into services at age 26, and initially began as D-Class, as he had been placed in death row prior to recruitment. Agent Harkat had been convicted of mass homicide. His continued survival of typical Euclid/ Keter based testing sparked further interest, and Agent harkat was offered to serve as a lvl 1 security guard.

Agent Harkat became lvl2 Agent after several re-captures and breach re-containment.

Currently, Agent Harkat is currently amongst lvl 3 personnel, and is primarily used for maintaining security and being used to re-contain escaped SCP objects.

[SIDE NOTE] Agent Harkat has requested special weaponry. While under normal circumstances, this would be declined, his skill with said item requested has allowed for a single exception. He has also asked for a different firearm that is not standard for security. Also approved due to no visible hindrance or excelling of firearms status compared to the standard firearm.

ADDENDUM DH1: Under no circumstances is Agent Harkat allowed near any war or combat based SCP's. Doing so will trigger adrenal rage and [DATA EXPUNGED] making him highly formidable.

Note by Overseer #####-05-##: Who's brilliant idea was it to let him near 1962, I will never know, but that damn man wiped out half his own squad in under an HOUR! I want whoever allowed this to be severely reprimanded, and have Agent Harkat demoted back to D-Class! The only reason I'm not ordering a termination is because Harkat also helped stop the ensuing breach. But the punishment will be repeated each time this event does so. If he proves to e more trouble than he's worth, I want him thrown to 682. End of discussion![END LOG.]

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