Delphi Crowley

Name: Delphi Edward Crowley

Player: HandOfDespair

Description: Delphi is biologically 39 years of age, although he insists that he’s 41. To the people around him, Delphi is consistently tired, depressed, and curmudgeonly; to appear cheerful is a struggle. His hair, a long dark brown, weirdly draws people’s attention when they look at him despite it not having any outstanding characteristics beyond its smoothness and lack of stimulating texture. He prefers not to shave because of his ‘beliefs’, even though this appears (at face value) to contradict his previous claim of being an atheist. His beard is slightly lighter in color as contrasted with his hair. Stance-wise, he doesn’t slouch, but he looks uncertain of his position. He is rather cold to the touch, like ice cubes in boiling water, and his presence faintly evokes the vision of roses wilting.

His eyes are a lackluster mix of colours that appears brown from a distance, and up close they appear hollow and passionate at the same time. His face has a youthful shape, but has been addled by stress-induced wrinkles and the tides of time. He has a variety of infrequently, distinctly disarrayed scars on his arms and torso from an unspecified accident in his youth. When describing his frame, ‘lanky’ would be an understatement. He is at 25 pounds underweight for his age, a fact which provokes visible discomfort in him when it is brought up. His skin is stretched like leather on a drum, with the prominent appearance of veins and arteries; almost reptile-like in its stance, it cannot choose to be light or dark, but lingers between the two and appears to change in particular lighting conditions. Overall, one could vaguely envision Delphi in a physically attractive state in which he does not currently exist.

His wardrobe is a mix of age-appropriate clothing and loose-fitting garb from when he was a teenager (due to his weight loss, they practically hang off of him), as he is only able to spend a certain amount of money. Delphi makes no real attempt to present either a fashion statement or any due diligence towards his appearance other than washing his hair.

Position: On-site amanuensis for Site 73 (with generalized Level 3 Security Clearance). Having worked at other sites in the past, his job is essentially to transcribe skip/field reports when the agent(s) on hand is/are somehow unable to do so themselves. Delphi fully understands the nature of his duties and, despite the predominant reason for his position’s existence being outright laziness on the part of the staff, still carries out his work without complaint; although, Delphi has noted that agents require his aid with an insultingly common frequency.

Personality: Delphi can best be described as ‘tired’. He treats everything with a begrudgingly fatalistic sense of inevitability. He treats his job like an everlasting and unfulfilled object of his attention through which to purposefully function as a person. His moods can quickly alternate between cold and fiery, through the smallest provocations, although he channels emotion in a particularly stifled way.

Beyond his stark dismissal of religion, Delphi’s personal philosophy is that nothing verifiably exists except the projections of the mind, and as such, he regards the concept of life as the tangible projections of an internal experience through which one evolves into a ‘higher being’. Because of his solipsism, he considers SCP-055 to be the closest observable (heh) thing to a traditional deity. At times, Delphi often contemplates existence and meaning to the point where it alienates his colleagues.

There are rare occasions in which Delphi will shed his philosophical shell and descend into a deluge of muttered, awkward attempts at comedy. A staggering number of these attempts are inadvertently offensive. Delphi is straight edge, and the recurrency at which he consumes food and beverages is tepid. He usually speaks in a quiet, ambivalent voice, which becomes louder if he becomes aggravated. Delphi outwardly reflects both an acerbic wit and an almost concerning tranquility.

Personal History: The son of a Spanish-American war veteran and a German sculptor, Delphi and his brother Ian were born on December 8, 1975 (or 1973, depending on who you talk to) in a rural New Jersey hospital. Having fused together in utero, the two shared organs and survived off their shared blood supply. They were home-schooled for most of their childhood to avoid any negative social interaction. This put a strain on his parents, especially a father, and so the twins grew up with a rift between them and their dad.

In 1983, they underwent a separation procedure; as Ian was the stronger twin, it was predicted that Delphi would succumb during the operation. Surprisingly, Delphi survived - despite only being half a person - and subsequently regenerated all of his missing body parts within five hours. The Foundation agents who interviewed his parents speculated that Delphi had awakened an otherwise dormant regenerative gene, one that is similarly present in starfish. Nonetheless, the agents failed to capitalize upon this discovery, as their pursuit was cancelled due to Foundation budget cuts. The incident was recorded, stacked away and that was that.

An aspiring writer throughout high school, Delphi published two cyberpunk novellas in 1992, to localized critical acclaim. Later on, he worked as an assistant editor for a West Philadelphia newspaper before he was laid off, moving into his parent’s house. His father, a second-generation lawyer, misunderstood this and assumed that Delphi had been fired for unceremonious behavior or ‘being a freak’. Fisticuffs ensued and Delphi left the house, estranged from his father and utterly homeless.

Delphi came to the attention of the Foundation in 2011, when he inadvertently aided Foundation agents in the discovery (and, indirectly, containment) of both SCP-877-10 and SCP-1062. Due to his living situation and his brief history with the Foundation, he was approached for further study under the guise of work as hired help.

Shortly after, he was given the task of sorting through the items of anomalous civilians, namely SCP-108. After two years of doing this, he vetoed for a shift in occupation; thus, he transferred to another site and became an on-site amanuensis, because unless you’re an Agent there really is no other ‘job’ for a writer in the Foundation.

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