Death's Worst Enemy

Item #: 2045 ((Will be replaced with another slot if taken))
Object Class: Safe
Played By: Reverse Death
Aliases: Golden Guy, Misfortune, Immortal, Best Friend.
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2045 must be contained on a cell, similar to the Class-D subjects, with a simple toilet, sink and bed.
-subject can walk through the facility with a permission and escorted by securty guards.
-subject must be visited by a psychologist 3(three) times a week.
-all personnel is free(as long as the subject allow) to talk to 2045.

SCP-2045, covering his eyes because of the camera flash.

Description:SCP-2045 is a tall, long haired young man, with a golden skin tone.
his eyes are fully indigo blue collored, except for his pupils wich are black.
his eyes also glow in the dark, are sensible to intense light and 2045 has nightvision.
tests with 2045 have shown that any living creature near him, cannot have their vital functions ceased in anyway.
Dr.██████ moved some Class-D personnel onto 2045's cell, while the contained subject was blindfolded.
4(four) security officers were ordered to shoot at the Class-D personnel.
all the 4(four) officers machineguns jammed at the same time, being unable to kill the subjects.
Dr.██████ ordered some brand new M4A1 to be delivered to the officers.
once again, they were ordered to fire against the Class-D personnel.
the brand new rifles got jammed, just like the machineguns.
after that Dr.██████ told the officers to butt the subjects with their rifles.
the Class-D subjects were severely harmed, with bruises and bone fractures.

this shown that subjects near 2045 cannot die, but still can be harmed.

Capture Summary:SCP 2045 was found among surviors of the plane ███ crash on [DATA EXPUNGED].
all crew and passengers were found alive, with SCP 2045 intact.
he was later arrested, supected by terrorism due to the lack of his documents.
it is unknown how he got aboard of the plane and what caused the crash.
it was later discovered that 2045 worked on a travelling circus as an acrobat.
many incidents ocourred near 2045 with no deaths reported.
he was contained ██ months later and considered euclid.
██ years under contaiment and tests,SCP 2045 was considered safe.
Dr.████ wants to make test with 2045, to see if his powers works against SCP 682.

Superfluous Personal Information: its unknow where or when SCP 2045 were born and raised, even his name is unknown.
it has shown that SCP 2045 suffers from amnesia, and cannot tell these informations.
he only told that he still alive almost 100(one hundred) years.

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