David Rosen
Alleged photo of David

Name: Technical Researcher David Rosen

Security Clearance: Level 4

Position: Director of Site-11 Technical Personnel

Current Location: Site-11

History: Born in 1979, David Rosen started out in the Foundation in 1999, as a mere Junior Researcher, in charge of some servers in Site-11. However, his charming personality good looks skill and a little bit of luck, he was able to get promoted before any of his peers. Working his way through the buerocracy, he nestled himself a nice little position directly below Pat, the Technical Director. Then, one day, Pat just vanished. With no other recourse, Rosen reluctantly took up the technical director's saddle. While not being nearly as experienced as his personnel, he's been able to pick up enough tools of the trade that, combined with his supernaturally good luck, allow him to keep his status to this day.

David enjoys drawing, fishing, cartography, and long through the parking garage. His sign is Virgo.

Notes Incidents Involving Rosen


Personnel involved: Technical Researcher David Rosen, Dr.Taylor

Date: 4-1-2012

Location: Office of Technical Researcher David Rosen

Description: On 4/1/2012, I found Technical Researcher David Rosen unconscious outside his office window. He was covered in glass, probably from the window, which had been broken. He had suffered major cuts and bruises from the impact and shards of glass. When I woke him from unconsciousness, he began ranting and raving about the return of someone called "Pat, the harbinger of brimstone and darkness." He did not respond to further questioning, only stating that this Pat would "DESTROY ALL THOSE WHO STAND OPPOSED TO HIM" repeatedly in an agitated manner. I admitted David to Site Clinic 22-B for treatment of lacerations, cranial trauma, and a sprained ankle.

Addendum: I am personally recommending that David be put on some anti-stress medication and be given a weekly counseling session. Try to convince him that Pat might not come back.


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