Dave S. Crawley
A non-magic Self Portrait of Dave.

Character Name: David S. Crawley

Aliases: Dave, Scrawl,

Played by: Loiterer87

Physical Description: Dave is a 6'1'', skinny 20-something white Brit with glasses and long-ish messy hair. Part of the left hand side of his fringe is dyed green, while part of the right at the back is dyed red. He usually wears a dirty grey jacket with zip pockets over a t-shirt, usually proclaiming some sort of witty slight against contemporary culture. On his right arm is a tattoo of a silhouetted city-scape, which changes depending on which city he's currently in. He's also never seen with out his battered messenger bag.

Background: Dave, by his own admission, pretty much lives in The Library. When not there he travels various universes, usually exploring cities and learning more magic. He uses his art as a way of performing magic, but recently gained a tattoo which has allowed him to interact on a deeper level with cities. Ranging from simple things like knowing locations, to warping the interiors of a building, although he rarely does anything that big. Instead, Dave likes exploring, a lot. If there's something new out there, he'll usually want a look in. Just for curiosity's sake.

While not a proper member of the Serpent's Hand, Dave has been known to help them out on the odd occasion. Due to making friends with several members who use The Library as a base of operations. He's not that good in the way of combat, he can handle himself in a fight, but he is by no means trained. Despite being an art-based magic user, Dave has no connection to AWCY? and would probably slap some of them if he got the chance.

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