Darius Carrin

Name: Darius Carrin, Grandmaster of the Order of the Garnet Rose, Duke of House Carrin

Player: Sad Xiao

Description: Darius, a short-haired brunette man, stands at a full 6' 7" when not in his armor.

Abilities and Resources: As the head of House Carrin, Darius specializes in the family art of technomancy - his specialties being within robotics. Most of his abilities center within being able to manipulate electrical flow.

Some of his known abilities include the following:

  • EM field manipulation
  • Signal interception/interference
  • Projected electricity
  • Techno-arcane equipment
  • Complete knowledge of all technomantic rituals, spells, and seals, as developed by the House

Within the Hand, Darius is known as the main author of the Carrin Tome - a large book detailing not only the history of the House, but also the entire surviving history of the other Great Houses of Forlorn, the culture, the names of all its people, and its life and its death. In a way, the Carrin Tome is the last surviving piece of history of Forlorn, all other works having been destroyed a short while ago by Foundation personnel before the intervention of the last surviving Houses.

Rumors arise here and there that Darius was once a Docent of the Library, but such rumors are unfounded. However, his strength on the battlefield and his silent but calculating tongue in social, academic, and political discourse do not cause these rumors to abate.

Reputation: Darius Carrin has a formidable reputation among his rivals and friends, mostly for his strength (even before he was augmented), and is known for taking foremost command of all House gatherings.

He is not yet known to the Foundation, but has been seen in several Foundation-conducted raids on CotBG targets, often being able to get away before being apprehended by Foundation personnel. Rumors abound within the gathering of the Houses that Darius is planning a large-scale offensive against Foundation targets for the technology needed to restore their destroyed home…

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