Daniel Trykoffski

Character Name: Dr. Daniel S Trykoffski

Aliases: Anyone who knows their way around a vodka bottle

Played By: Deffdredd1703

Position: Head of Experimental Items Lower Department (Site 42)

Description: 31 years old, tall, decently-built, short spiked dark brown hair, turquoise eyes, mostly harmless

Background: No one actually knows much about him in his early years, but he apparently went to the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Apparently. He found the Foundation at the age of 25, eight hours after graduating (apparently) and deciding to raid a "bank", which happened to be site 42. After being threatened unsuccessfully by multiple guards, he was taken as a D-class hostage for the night and told to "sober up". The morning that followed resulted in three security personnel in hospital and €13,000 worth of damages to the reception alone. Refusing to leave, he was put into Research and Development of Euclid Class SCPs. It was Daniel who came up with the ingenuous method of avoiding SCP-173 breaking his neck by only blinking with one eye at a time.

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