Daniel Miles

Character: Daniel Miles

Played By: Recently Taken

Age: 44

Affiliation: Foundation

Clearance Level: Level-0

Qualifications: Prior Experience, circumstance

Physical Description: Daniel Miles has an average build, or had, seeing as the years have added on more than a few pounds. He could be described as chubby and out of shape, but he prefers to be described in more politically correct terms. Daniel Miles is Caucasian, and stands at around 5'9. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and shows the physical symptoms of extended alcoholism. Daniel Miles was born with a forgettable face, and is overall a rather forgettable person.

Background: Daniel Miles was one of three surviving citizens in █████, Maine, after its destruction by a previously unknown instance of SCP-███. The two other individuals were unable to recover and perished, but Daniel Miles remained stable enough to be put in Foundation custody.

Due to high media attention surrounding the incident and potential contradictions with the cover story that would appear if Daniel Miles were released to the public, the Foundation was left with only a few options. Termination was considered, but the idea was rejected by multiple staff members in the decision-making process who stated that such measures wouldn't be necessary. It was noted that Miles had worked as a janitor for the █████ High School, and so he was given Class-A amnestics and provided a similar position in the folds of the Foundation.

Due to his significant loss of memory, Daniel Miles initially expressed alarm when made aware of the situation, but a number of staff were able to convince him he was a longtime member of the Foundation. This calmed Daniel Miles down considerably, and he has since adjusted rather well to his role as a Foundation employee. He currently resides at the site he was originally brought to, and has made very few complaints (which are mostly centered around the difficulty to acquire alcohol in the name of recreation).

Role Description: Foundation Janitor

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