Daniel Cross

Character Name: Daniel Cross

Security Clearance: Level-3

Played By: DeniedDaniel

Description: 44 years of age, 155 cm, vision is 20/30, weighs 65 kilograms. When not on duty, wears a plain white T-shirt and casual khaki pants. Uniform consists of standard-issue FieldOps tactical equipment (body armor, offensive and defensive equipment).

Background: Daniel Cross is a former USMC marine, trained for combat in close quarters. Cross served twenty-two years in the USMC prior to his Foundation employment. His Foundation career experience consists of incidents involving low-risk capture and containment.

Cross has been in many situations that required quick thinking, demonstrating such prowess through fluid and dynamic cooperation during his missions. However, his unwillingness to abandon teammates in dire situations has affected his judgment on occasion. Nevertheless, his relaxed and calm demeanor (notably in "unprepared" scenarios involving higher risk situations and dangerous creatures) makes a strong note on his ability to function as a reliable team member. In general, Cross is considered an approachable and trusted teammate. His performance in missions is completely reliant on his careful tenancies during low risk situations. His enjoyment of these missions is demonstrated in his mission reports, as he makes many different comments on the mission regarding his teammates' performance and his own personal achievements.

Outside of missions, Cross is commonly found in facility cafeterias taking part in the many meals available to him. He usually interacts with scientific staff whether they want him to sit near them or not (emphasis on not). Usually he relaxes with a meal and sleeps in the barracks; if a mission was failed or ended with someone dying, he'll instead spend the rest of his time until he next mission in the gym or a shooting gallery.

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