Name: Damien

Age: unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown

Description: About 6' even has short, messy white hair. Usually seen wearing all black, unless he's got his leather jacket, in which case he wears a white wifebeater. Has light green eyes, which go completely black when he changes. The main change when he is changing is that his skin goes completely black and large claws form on his hands, and in advanced forms he grows a tail with a large spike at the tip. He was made by splicing DNA from SCP-106, and 682 into a host of unknown origins. He knows nothing before his creation as a Bioweapon.

Abilities: Damien has trace amounts of the abilities of the SCP's his DNA is spliced with. Abilities include an abilities to enter a small pocket dimension of his own for short range teleportation, and the ability to phase through walls much like SCP-106. Has shown a small regenerative ability, along with an adaptive capability, much like 682's abilities. The only way he has been observed using these abilities is to enter the state of transformation above. This state can only be achieved for ten minutes before his body over heats to massively for him to function. If he exceeds that ten minute time limit he enters a dormant like phase for no less then an hour. His powers also become inactive until his body has cooled to an acceptable level. If he is in a room at room temperature this can take as long as six hours, two in a cooled room, and an hour in a refrigerated room, and in one case a matter of minutes when doused in liquid nitrogen.

Since SCP has not been contained once there is no designation, containment procedure, or contingency plan for an attack. Subject is to be considered extremely hostile and dangerous. If possible Terminate on sight. I repeat Terminate on sight!

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